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  • Staff very helpful during my visit.

    Juo Armat
  • Very satisfied with doctor and staff. Very professional. Thanks

    Carlos A. Guzman
  • Outstanding services and friendly service.

    Jeffrey Carter
  • Since I started visiting Dr. Sinha's office. I have not but to praise Dr. Sinha and his staff. They make you feel like home, and the care is outstanding. They make sure that you see the doctor on time, and they are very cordial. without a doubt I recoommend Dr. Sinha office to everyone. I know who needs his services.

    Reynold J. Baptiste
  • Friendly staff. The practice took the time to speak with me regarding my urology problem. They are very knowledgeable and caring."

  • Very satisfied with doctor and staff. Very professional. Thanks"

    Carlos A. Guzman
  • The best staff in amy doctor office."

    Oriel Gill
  • The staff is the best at doctor office Dr Sinha are very kind and able to solve my problem."

  • Great doctors, answers all my questions. Great staff, polite and efficient. Would recommend to family and friends."

    Jame Watkins
  • The doctor is good and thorough. The staff is courteous and empathetic."

    Mazvya Powell
  • Great patient care. Great staff, very organized and friendly. Dr very sufficient and helpful. I am a very happy and satisfied patient.