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What is the UroLift?

At the Urology Care of Central New Jersey, we offer a minimally invasive and relatively straightforward procedure to treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). UroLift comprises of a delivery device that delivers implants to the prostate lobes where the implants lift the enlarged prostate tissue opening the way of the urethra. The UroLift procedure is done in an outpatient setting requiring no cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue which is of benefit to our patients who prefer to undergo minimal procedures. UroLift has proven to be a highly safe and effective treatment in relieving symptoms of BPH allowing patients to resume with their daily lives.

How is the UroLift procedure carried out at the Urology Care of Central New Jersey?

At the Urology Care of Central New Jersey, UroLift is an in-office procedure carried out by our highly skilled team of urologists.UroLift is performed under IV MAC (Monitored anesthesia care) anesthesia by administering mild sedative to allow our patients to relax and relieve anxiety during the procedure. An enlarged prostate can narrow and blocking the urethra causing symptoms of frequent urination or a sense of incomplete bladder emptying. The urologist will initially begin by placing the UroLift Delivery Device through the blocked urethra to access the enlarged prostate. Following this, small UroLift permanent implants administered through a needle in the device areplaced to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way allowing an opening for urethra. The final step requires the urologist to remove the UroLift Device providing an opening for the urethra allowing for symptom relief as early as 2 weeks.

Why choose to undergo the UroLift procedure?

At the Urology Care of Central New Jersey, we are highly committed in the well-being of our patients and since major surgeries can cause potential surgical side effects and complications, we make it a priority to offer our patients treatment options that are minimally invasive and allow them to regain quality of life with minimal downtime. Since all patient conditions and results vary from patient to patient, urologists at our Urology practice prioritize in discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks with our patients before undergoing any medical procedures.

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