Cryo Therapy for Prostate Cancer

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Are you suffering from prostate cancer?

Did you get radiation treatment but the prostate cancer returned? Are you looking for a treatment that tackles your specific predicament? With Board Certified Urologist, Dr. Binod K. Sinha at Urological Care of Central New Jersey, you will get a treatment with little to no pain. Our Cryo Therapy for your prostate cancer might be the treatment you are looking for. Book a consultation now to find out in Edison NJ.

How Cryo Therapy benefits you more than conventional treatments?

• Non-invasive procedure

• High success rate

• Low complication rate

• Minimal anesthesia

• Effectively treats even those prostate cancers that develop after radiation treatment

Why Choose Dr. Binod K. Sinha for your Cryo Therapy?

At Urology Care of Central New Jersey, Dr. Binod K. Sinha is the foremost expert in his field. Being a Board Certified Urologist, he is very particular about providing you the best guidance he can. His detailed therapy session will leave you feeling positive about your future and the Cryo Therapy cost at our clinic is quite affordable too. So go ahead and leave your details at our website or give us a call to set up an appointment.

Cryo Therapy Questions & Answers:

What is meant by Cryo Therapy for Prostate Cancer?

You might have heard about radiation and surgery treatments to cure the prostate cancer or even have had those treatments already. With the advancement of medical technology, Cryo therapy is within your grasp as well. It is the latest therapy to cure various benign and malignant cancers.

The procedure of controlled freezing of prostate gland is called as Cryo Therapy for prostate cancer. It involves freezing of tissue within prostate gland. As a result, the prostate cancer cells die.

Am I a good candidate for Cryo Therapy?

Yes, you are a good candidate for this therapy. Dr. Binod will recommend this treatment to you in the following conditions:

• You just had treated cancer through radiation therapy and it has returned.

• You are having this treatment for prostate cancer for the first time.

• You are having the cancer that is confined only to prostate gland.

What should I do before the procedure?

The doctor will recommend a fluid solution that empties your colon and antibiotics that prevents any infection during procedure.

What can I expect during the procedure?

• The doctor will give you general anesthesia or local anesthesia that numbs the surgical area.

• After anesthesia takes effect, the doctor places ultrasound probe in rectum. It generates images of placement of needles.

• A catheter having warm solution is placed inside urethra in order to keep it away from freezing.

• Then several thin needles are inserted in prostate gland. Argon gas is released through these needles which cools them and freezes the prostate tissue.

• You will experience little blood loss and pain during the procedure.

What can I expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, you might experience soreness, bruising, blood in urine and problems in emptying the bladder. Don’t worry… these conditions only last for few days. You can go to home on same day or can spend more time at the clinic. Doctor might recommend placing the catheter for almost 2 weeks which allows healing.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the Cryo therapy treatment, visit our doctor and specialists for regular follow up exams, periodic imaging scans and laboratory testing. We will do these exams to check the response of prostate cancer to the treatment.

We are conveniently located in Edison NJ.

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