8 male birth control options are in development

8 male birth control options are in development

Male Birth Control Options Right Now

Men can currently use condoms and vasectomy as male birth control methods in addition to abstaining from sexual activity. A method of barrier is the condom. They stop the sperm-containing semen from getting to the egg to fertilize it. A vasectomy is a surgical method of permanent male birth control. It hinders the passage of sperm produced in the testicles to the penis.

Exist other techniques?

male birth control

For birth control, the withdrawal approach is not effective. The rate of failure is high. There are numerous birth control options for women. The search for novel forms of male birth control is now underway. The following are the two main research axes: Hormonal birth control for men. synthetic hormones with the ability to successfully and safely halt sperm production. Birth control for men without hormones. Other methods can prevent healthy sperm from reaching a woman’s vagina.

Required male birth control

Any birth control method needs to be reversible, trustworthy, and have a very low rate of unplanned pregnancies. While triptolide and gossypol are effective, they have the potential to permanently reduce sperm counts.

Reliable and swiftly reversible, with few minor side effects, no influence on libido, easy to take or use, accessible, and affordable are some crucial characteristics of male birth control.

1. Injections of testosterone

The pituitary hormones that instruct the testes to make sperm are prevented from being released by this hormone. Injections given weekly or monthly lower sperm levels and prevent conception.

Pain at the injection site, acne, weight gain, abnormal blood cholesterol levels, and psychological affects are all side effects of these hormonal birth control injections.

Studies have also demonstrated that testosterone used alone is less efficient than testosterone combined with progestin, a hormone similar to progesterone.

2. Gel contraceptive hormones

You use this gel on your skin every day. It is absorbed and stops the development of sperm. Name of the gel is NES/T.

The ingredients in this gel are testosterone (T) and nestorone (NES). Nestorone is a progesterone-like hormone that inhibits sperm production by acting on the testes. Male hormone testosterone is used to maintain libido.

3. Combination hormonal injections

Long-acting hormones are combined in these injections. One such is testosterone undecanoate (TU) and nortestosterone enanthate (NETE).

These injections have been tested at intervals of six and eight weeks. They substantially lower sperm production. Localized pain at the injection site, acne, muscle soreness, and mood fluctuations are all possible side effects.

4. GnRH antagonists with testosterone

Antibodies to gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) block the pituitary hormones that stimulate sperm production in the testes. They effectively stop the creation of sperm.

GnRH antagonists are pricey and need to be injected frequently. Degarelix is a long-acting medication that is now the subject of research.

5. The Male Hormone Pill

As much as injections, hormonal birth control for men has been tried. Oral testosterone preparations are hazardous or require multiple dosages per day, which is not feasible.

A novel testosterone-like drug is called dimethandrolone undecanoate. It is available as a pill. It effectively halts the synthesis of sperm.

Weight gain, an increase in hemoglobin, and changes in blood lipid levels are side effects.

6. Natural Birth Control — RISUG

Reversible Sperm Inhibition Under Guidance is referred to as RISUG. The tubes that sperm leaves the testes are known as the vas deferens. These tubes are severed during vasectomy surgery.

A substance is injected into the vas deferens during RISUG, which is distinct. This closes the tubes and kills any sperm that comes in contact with them. Your doctor removes the inhibiting chemical with another chemical when you want to become pregnant.

7. Intravenous Contraception (IVD)

The intra-vas device (IVD) is a similar technique. This apparatus is inserted into the vas deferens by your doctor. It screens the sperm and stops conceptions.

Studies examining the usefulness and safety of IVD are still in the experimental stage.

8. Vaccine for birth control

Sperm contain the protein eppin. Using a vaccination that targets this protein, sperm levels have been successfully decreased. GnRH and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) are further candidates for inclusion in a birth control vaccine.

The birth control vaccine is not reversible in some men. This vaccine also needs frequent booster doses and is not fully dependable.

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