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8 male birth control options are in development

Male Birth Control Options Right Now Men can currently use condoms and vasectomy as male birth control methods in addition to abstaining from sexual activity. A method of barrier is…
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Safe Prostate Cancer Treatment: Watch and Wait

According to a new study about Safe Prostate Cancer Treatment, actively monitoring early-stage prostate cancer had a similar long-term survival percentage to undergoing surgery or radiation therapy. Many men will…
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Study: Digital Rectal Exams May Miss Early Prostate Cancer

March 9, 2023 – New studies occasionally appear that cast doubt on the accepted practice of medicine. In this instance, a German study casts doubt on the efficacy of digital…
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Safe Approach for Prostate Cancer

According to a new study, actively monitoring early-stage prostate cancer delivers the same long-term survival percentage as having the tumour surgically removed or treated with radiation. Many men will be…
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Treatments for Enlarged Prostates

Each man’s enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, presents differently and requires a different course of therapy (BPH). Also, each treatment has unique advantages and dangers. While deciding…
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Male hypogonadism: A Visual Guide

Male hypogonadism, or low testosterone, is a disorder when there is insufficient testosterone production by the testicles. There are numerous potential explanations, such as diseases or trauma that damage your…
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