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Kidney stones

The Role of Calcium in Managing Kidney Stones

Introduction: The Role of Calcium and Kidney Stones Growing up, you might have heard that milk fosters strong bones and overall health. However, an interesting fact is that milk and…
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5 Easy Steps to Build Healthy Habits and Stick to Them

Healthy habits play a vital role in shaping our mental and physical well-being. Their cumulative impact, whether positive or negative, can significantly influence our daily lives. To lead a fulfilling…
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Fatal Prostate Cancer Risk

Shocking Study: Early Weight Gain Boosts Fatal Prostate Cancer Risk!

A new Swedish study suggests that young men who gain a lot of weight between the ages of 17 and 29 are at a higher risk of developing fatal prostate…
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8 male birth control options are in development

Male Birth Control Options Right Now Men can currently use condoms and vasectomy as male birth control methods in addition to abstaining from sexual activity. A method of barrier is…
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Safe Prostate Cancer Treatment: Watch and Wait

According to a new study about Safe Prostate Cancer Treatment, actively monitoring early-stage prostate cancer had a similar long-term survival percentage to undergoing surgery or radiation therapy. Many men will…
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Study: Digital Rectal Exams May Miss Early Prostate Cancer

March 9, 2023 – New studies occasionally appear that cast doubt on the accepted practice of medicine. In this instance, a German study casts doubt on the efficacy of digital…
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